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 Gua hikmat

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PostSubject: Gua hikmat   Thu Jun 09, 2011 6:45 am

Once, there were three good friends who shared three different
interests. One loved women, the other loved liquor ie alcohol
and the third one loved smoking.

Satu hari tu, diorang pi jalan-jalan. Suddenly, they saw
seorang dewa tersepit kat pokok. Dewa ni pun mintak tolong
kat depa bertiga ni. Tapi they asked the dewa what will they
get if they helped him. So this dewa pun cakap, dia akan
tunaikan satu permintaan dari setiap seorang dari mereka.

So, sahabat bertiga ni pun setuju dan lepaskan dewa
yang dok tersepit tu. Of course la, bila buat permintaan,
diorang ni pun mintak apa yang diorang suka la.

So the dewa pun bawak diorang ni kat depan tiga buah gua.
Bila the first gua terbukak, kat dalam tu ada banyak
awek-awek yang cantik-cantik. So the first sahabat pun masuk
la and the dewa said,"I'll see you dalam masa 10 tahun lagi."

The second gua pulak, ada banyak arak, wain, cognac, dll.
The second sahabat, punya la happy, sampai terlompat-lompat.
And the dewa said the same thing,"I'll see you in 10 years

And for the third sahabat, his gua contained all the
cigarettes, cigar, candu dan banyak lagi. The dewa pun
cakap,"Kita jumpa lagi dalam masa 10 tahun."

After 10 years, the dewa came back to the three caves
together with some unborn souls. He said to them,"We are here
today to teach you souls the things that you must be careful
when you are born into theworld.

He went to the first gua: You can love women, but not too
much. And he opened the first cave. Inside, the first sahabat
was lying on the floor with a woman on top of him. He was
like a cicak kubing. When he came with his last drop of
semen, he was so tired that he died. So the dewa said,"this
is what happen when you crave for womenso much."

When he opened the second cave, the second sahabat had drank
almost all the liquor inside the cave. His belly was buncit
gila babi punya besar. When he swallowed the last drop of the
arak, perut dia pun meletup and he died. The dewa said,"Don't

When he opened the last cave:

"Pantat la dewa! Lighter mana???!!!!"scolded the third sahabat.

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Gua hikmat
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