Corel WordPerfect Office X5 v15.0.0.505 Portable | 1.1GB

Office suite of Corel Corporation, best known alternative package of
Microsoft ® Office. Featuring improved compatibility with Microsoft
Office, as well as industry-leading functionality, ease of use and
favorable price, Corel WordPerfect Office sets a new standard for
content re-use.

The world's first office suite that supports the import and export word
processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in PDF - one of
the most widely used open formats.

In addition to import PDF-files, Corel WordPerfect Office has a number
of useful new features and improvements, among them - a new mail
client, an updated user interface, new online services, improved
support for international characters, as well as powerful mechanisms to
remove hidden metadata. These new capabilities, in addition to already
become popular features of the package, such as a function of the
preliminary review of RealTime, a context-sensitive toolbars and
assistants (wizards) of different orientation, making Corel WordPerfect
Office X3 the easiest-to-use version of the package WordPerfect Office.

Installed in millions of users around the world, Corel WordPerfect Office is the most common alternative of Microsoft Office.

Richard Carrier (Richard Carriere), director, office products Corel:
"Having released Corel WordPerfect Office X3, Corel has presented a
powerful solution that lets you create, edit and re-use of documents.
The new product is implemented the ability to import, edit and export
pdf files, as well as provided only a broad format support Microsoft
Office. Today, we offer users a full-featured office solution that
supports the most popular today, both open and closed file formats,
with excellent technical support to users at a price 60% less than
package Microsoft Office ".

The basic functions of the package Corel WordPerfect Office - Standard Edition, primarily, are the following:
1. The function of import PDF files and print any documents in PDF-file
- WordPerfect X3 fully supports the import documents PDF, making it
easier to reuse text and graphics of documents stored in this format.
Export function to PDF, is featured in all applications, the package
allows you to save text documents, spreadsheets and presentations into
PDF, without having to use additional software - and thus a simple and
effective exchange of content via the open format of PDF.
2. Exceptionally high compatibility with the package Microsoft Office -
With enhanced support for Microsoft Office, applications WordPerfect
X3, Quattro Pro X3 and Presentations X3 makes it easy to open, edit and
save files in Microsoft Word, Excel ® and PowerPoint ®, which, along
with the format of PDF, are the most common file formats for data
exchange. Thus, the user can work with Microsoft Office files, or
choose a more than 150 formats supported by Corel WordPerfect Office X3
3. Improved user interface - The trendy new buttons and toolbars give
Corel WordPerfect Office X3 an exciting and user environment, which
will be familiar to users of previous versions of WordPerfect Office,
and former users of Microsoft Office. Customizable features such as
easy to use Workspace Manager (Workspace Manager), allows a wide range
of modes of WordPerfect and Microsoft Word button to choose a work
environment, what you like.
4. Saving documents without metadata - a very useful function in cases
where confidentiality must be met. WordPerfect X3 allows you to quickly
and easily remove all private and confidential information that is
hidden, but may be easily removed from the document file.
5. Online resources, including search Yahoo! ® Search - Improved
integration with Internet services, including access to online
resources provided by Corel and Yahoo!; take the opportunity to fast
Internet search directly from WordPerfect X3!

Productivity software for home and business users. Corel ® WordPerfect
® Office X5 - Standard Edition is the essential office suite for word
processing, spreadsheets, presentations and email. Chosen over
Microsoft ® Office by millions of longtime users, it integrates the
latest productivity software with the best of the Web. Work faster and
collaborate more efficiently with all-new Web services, new Microsoft ®
Office SharePoint ® support, more PDF tools and even better
compatibility with Microsoft Office. It's everything you expect in an
office suite-for less. Do more online and off with WordPerfect Office
X5 - productivity software that adapts to the way you work best.
Connecting you with new technologies that help you work more
collaboratively, it brings all your office tools and resources
together. Classic word processing power and control. Reliable
compatibility with more than 60 file formats, including Microsoft
Office. New SharePoint Server support. A newly integrated email client
and calendar.
Plus, more of the PDF tools that set WordPerfect Office apart from
every other office suite, including PDF annotation. It's the total
productivity software package.

New and enhanced features:
• PDF tools - create, mark up and share PDFs right from the suite
• SharePoint Server - connect as a group to collaborate efficiently
• Web services - automatically update documents with data from the Web
• Integrated Thunderbird ® email - manage email, contacts and appointments
• Digital notebook - take notes, and reuse text and graphics from any source
• Redesigned Help system - quickly find answers and resources
• Windows ® 7 support - work with Microsoft's latest operating system

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• New! Web Services Integration. Automatically gather up-to-the second
data from the Web every time you open a document. For example, create a
report with updated stock prices, send out a real estate brochure that
pulls in new MLS listings or publish daily weather reports.
• Web Services Integration. New! Mozilla ® Thunderbird ® for
WordPerfect ® Office. This newly integrated email client and calendar
offers a simplified, tabbed approach to emailing and powerful search
tools that help you find any email faster. Load emails in separate tabs
so you can quickly jump between them. Filter emails to pinpoint exactly
what you're looking for. Plus, manage email from other sources, like
Gmail ™, all from one inbox.
• New! Nuance ® PaperPort ® 12 SE. Scan, organize, search and share
documents and photos quickly and easily. PaperPort 12 SE turns all
sorts of documents-letters, tax forms, receipts, legal files, bills and
more-into searchable PDFs, so you can easily keep track of important
documents in one convenient location on your desktop. It's a great way
to save money, reduce paper clutter and increase office productivity.
• Enhanced! Built-in PDF Tools. WordPerfect Office X5 lets you do more
with PDFs than any other office suite. Turn documents, spreadsheets and
presentations into PDFs to share with colleagues and clients. Manage
your documents and collaborate with others using new annotation tools.
Plus, easily convert PDF documents to text to edit and reuse the
• Enhanced! Migration. Upgrade from an older version of the suite to
WordPerfect Office X5 with less effort and setup time than previous
migrations. Even if menu commands have changed, you can import
templates, customized menus, shortcuts and toolbars created in previous
releases to WordPerfect Office X5 in a few clicks. Network
administrators can also now easily update and reuse WordPerfect macros
easily, even if your organization continues to use different versions
of the application.
• New! Reference Center. Make the most of your office software with
built-in learning resources and support. The totally redesigned Help
system puts all the tips, tutorials and answers right at your
fingertips. There's even a section that links to the Help for the
writing, spelling and grammar tools and tips for creating well-written,
eye-catching documents and presentations.
• New! Microsoft SharePoint Support. Boost productivity by simplifying
everyday business activities across any group or organization. Now
tightly integrated with WordPerfect Office, SharePoint Server eases the
way people interact with content, processes and business data. Share
knowledge, find information, and collaborate more easily and securely
both within and across organizational boundaries.
• Redaction. Replace sensitive or confidential information with a black
bar to ensure that the replaced text cannot be retrieved or revealed.
This versatile feature can search a document for words and phrases to
hide and automatically apply redaction marks. In addition, the redacted
document can be saved to. Doc,. Pdf or. Wpd format with the redacted
text in place.
• Reveal Codes. Easy to use, Reveal Codes gives you full control over
document formatting, especially when copying and pasting text from
various sources. In addition, double-clicking any code in the Reveal
Codes window gives lets you make advanced alterations to the settings
or styles.
• Make It Fit .. Sometimes there's just a little too much to say in a
limited amount of space. Unique to WordPerfect, Make It Fit lets you
select a block of text and instantly resize it to fit a specified
number of pages. The tweaking is so subtle that formatting changes are
not noticeable.
• Customizable Workspace. Rather than force anyone to work a certain
way, WordPerfect Office X5 offers easy-to-use customization settings
that allow you to work in whatever way suits you best. Customize menus,
shortcut keys and toolbars to your preferences, or switch to Microsoft
Office Mode with a few easy clicks.
• PerfectExpert ™. Get started quickly with this step-by-step guide
that offers an array of project templates and helpful advice. When you
start a PerfectExpert project, the PerfectExpert panel dynamically
updates to provide advice and guidance specific to the task at hand.
• Metadata Removal. Metadata is information that lurks within office
productivity files, such as undo / redo history, reviewers' notes,
hidden text and comments. WordPerfect Office X5 has a built-in feature
that ensures you never get caught with this confidential or sensitive
information in your documents.
• Enhanced! Microsoft ® Office Compatibility. Open, edit and save
Microsoft ® Word, Microsoft ® Excel ® and Microsoft ® PowerPoint ®
files, including the latest OOXML versions (. Docx,. Xlsx,. Pptx).
• Support for More Than 60 File Formats .. Famous for its unrivaled
file format support, WordPerfect Office X5 continues to help you work
with an impressive range of formats-from those created in the earliest
days of word processing and spreadsheets to emerging standards.
• Open Document Format (ODF). Open and edit ODF word-processing files, the ISO-standard for storing and archiving documents.
• An All-in-one Office Software Solution. Why spend time and money
looking for an office suite, redaction tools, PDF creation tools and
PDF editing software when you can get it all in WordPerfect Office X5?
The tight integration of all this productivity software makes for an
smooth, time-saving, headache-free workflow.
• Support for Emerging Standards. WordPerfect Office X5 supports the
standards of tomorrow at today's price. Do you need to make the
transition to Windows ® 7? No problem! How about opening, editing and
creating OOXML files? Done. Need a file-archiving solution that uses
PDF / A, XML or another format? WordPerfect Office X5 is already there.
• Free Online Support and Inexpensive Services. Regardless of your
WordPerfect Office version, online support is free. Enjoy access to
customization services, templates and professional support that helps
you get the most out of your office suite

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